Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hanah Silk Ribbon Flowers.

30cm. length of 15mm. wide Hanah ribbon per flower.
3 shades of Mokuba metallic picot ribbon. 5cm per flower
2 x 8cm. mokuba metallic picot ribbon
Seed beads for flower centres.
10cm. square of vilene  to flowers to.

Hanah Silk Flowers.
Cut five 30cm. pieces of Hanah silk ribbon. Measure and mark 3cm. intervals along the length of the ribbon with a pencil. Load a matching sewing thread (double) into a fine needle and tie a knot in the end. Fold the ribbon in halves length ways with the dots on the outside. Draw your knotted thread trough the ribbon 1.5mm. from the end, in the fold. Backstitch over the fold to secure your thread. Always start at the fold.Stitch as shown, with running stitches, rounding the corners and making sure the space on either side of the dot is the same. This ensures that each petal will be the same size. Gather gently as you go to prevent the thread from breaking. Return to the folded edge at the end of the petal.
Draw up gathers and end off. (The flowers are stitched to the Vilene and then the Vilene is cut away, being careful not to cut the couching stitches.)
Sew the petals to the Vilene with small stitches into the gathers, beginning at the outside edge, form a circle and turning and overlapping the petals until you reach the centre.
Add several beads to the centre. Trim away the Vilene being careful not to snip the stitches. You may sew extra sculpting stitches into the flowers once the bouquet is in position on the heart so the petals sit well.

Each bouquet has two green leaves. Cut 8cm. of green picot ribbon for each leaf. Fold ribbon in half and with a double thread; sew a fine running stitch along the bottom edge, beginning at the fold. Turn the corner and take the stitching up the cut ends. Pull up the gathers until you have a well-shaped leaf. End off. Sew the cut ends under the Hanah silk flower and secure with small invisible stitches down the centre of the leaf.

Picot Flowers.
Cut the Mokuba metallic picot ribbon into 5mm. pieces. This ribbon can fray easily so you may wish to seal the cut ends with a little Fray Check. Fold the two cut ends together and sew a seam, end off. Run a gathering stitch along one edge and gather up tightly, end off. Sew in and around the Hanah flower when you are happy with the colour combinations. Bead the centres.

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