Monday, January 10, 2011

Exotic Flower Trim

I've just finished the black felted wool pouch and its now available as a kit. It's called Carnivale Flower Pouch after the vibrant Colour Streams felt, organza and thread used. I'm ready to make up the pastel version but my machine is sending me little electrical tingles so I better take notice and get it serviced!
They have been fun, easy and a great pleasure to make. You can see how much I love the different textures. The flowers could be used as a brooch too. They began life as an inspiration from the trims on my Forest Rose bag and they just grew. They are quite dramatic. Hope you like them as much as I do!

New Applique Quilt

I'm really excited about doing this Block of the Month as I can use all the fabrics, hand dyed silk velvets, felts, felted wool, beads and lots of wonderful textured threads that I love. I think it will be similar to working with crazy patchwork but with a more earthy feel.
The background has been pieced using the foundation method as I didn't want it to be too formal and the colour selection is neutral, combining some of the French General fabrics. My friend Jen Pezaro has helped with the piecing.
The hills are felted wool and wool felt and will be embellished with some of the threads and trims I have chosen.
Next I have to design the flowers which will grow on either side of the hare. I think they will include some silk velvet, ribbon, trims and beads to add a touch of zing. Maybe some silk chenille berries would be a good idea. It will be fun to play.
Keep watching my progress.