Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lesson in Gathered Ribbon Flowers

I love to use these little flowers in most of my embroidery as they add a touch of nostalgia to your work, especially when they are encrusted with rosemontees, chatons or beads. My favourite ribbons to use are the Mokuba picot edged ombre or metallic 7mm. ribbons. Any ribbon can be used but the wider the ribbon a longer length is required. The ombre ribbons will give a loverly shading if you alternate the gathering along the dark or light edge. See the blue flowers in the main picture.
Cut the Mokuba picot ribbon into 5mm. pieces. This ribbon can fray easily so you may wish to seal the cut ends with a little Fray Check. Fold the two cut ends together and sew a seam, end off. Run a gathering stitch along one edge and gather up tightly, end off. Sew a rosemontee or seed beads to the centre and position on your work. They are very easy!

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