Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wonderful Spring Colours

There's lots of new shapes and colours to choose from in my range of sequins. The tiny 3mm. multi coloured cup sequins above, sit prettily on a square of hand dyed Colour Streams felt with silk ribbons in colours to match. They all work perfectly with the Mokuba flower trim. Yum!

There are wonderful colours available in the hand dyed felts and felted fabrics, silk threads and Hanah ribbons.  My easy to do brooch kits combine all the elements of the felt, silk threads, sequins and wild fibres in a stylish way. A great way to begin stitching for spring.


  1. What a treasure of color you have here! I am drawn like a moth to the flame over colors and materials such as these. You should show us a photo of your work space filled with the raw materials of your talent. I can almost feel the touch of that soft felt.


    1. Hi Genie
      I'll do that when I tackle the mess! I'm not the tidiest of workers but I love all the colours and different textures around me. Thanks for your comments - I love your blog.