Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wooden Bobbins with Paper Twin

The long awaited parcel filled with wonderful vintage reclaimed Braider's bobbins arrived today!
Some are wound with the finest white paper yarn (250 metres) which can be used for all manner of crafts including collage and mixed media. Fine enough to use for stitch or just add beads and couch down.
The bobbins wound with colour are a heavier twine (41 metres) ideal for parcel wrapping and all paper crafts. $18.00 for each Twine and Yarn
All the reclaimed bobbins are unique and look similar but they do vary in size and colour.
They are approximately 10 - 12cm tall and 4.5cm wide.
I am offering a set of three empty bobbins and will try to match the styles. $21.00
Wonderful for displaying your ribbons and laces.

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