Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vintage Cabochon Rosebud

When in Paris we visited the Botanical Gardens and I had to take a photo of this little climbing rose as it reminded me of the cabochon roses I used to make. I love ribbons of all kinds and it inspired me to get out my stash again and revisit some of the older works I had stored away.
The cabochon Rose is one of my favourites. I learned this technique from the book "The Artful Ribbon" by Candace Kling.
The rose at the bottom is a piece of mine that was published in The Embroiderers Cookbook in 2001.
I have used Hanah silk ribbon in a 25mm. width because the bias cut enables the petals to fold easier.
Make a loose knot a small length of ribbon and tack it to the fabric. Sometimes I made two knots - one on top of the other.
The petals are cut 50mm. or two ribbon widths each. You may make 3 - 4 or 5 petals. Dampen your fingers and roll the outer edge of the ribbon tightly using up to a third of the ribbon. Pin down the ends to hold the roll in place. Stitch in a half circle beginning in the roll and finishing in the roll. Draw up your stitches softly. Cup the petal around the knot and tack under the edge of the knot on the back. Overlap the petals as you go.

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