Tuesday, April 6, 2010

French Inspired Home

No longer do we have to spend hours looking for vintage fabrics at boot sales and flea markets because The French General has produced a rustic range of beautiful fabrics reminiscent of 19th. Century farmhouses. The large striped fabrics have a 10% linen content which gives an antique feel. I love to cross stitch or embroider monograms and mix them in with the linen stripes and florals for that traditional look. The monograms are great on bags, purses and household items of all kinds. Check out the cross stitch and embroidery linens and also the little Sajou Alphabet Books.The old style reels pictured are in limited supply and each one is wound with 3 to 5mtrs. of ribbon. They were specially selected to match the fabrics so add a little tag or strip of braid to you project and you'll have the perfect French style.


  1. Love those braids - where did you get them. Lovely to hear from you again. Cathie

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I selected the ribbons and wound them on some old spools I had. I think they will make great onaments just to have and look at!