Sunday, May 10, 2009

Divine Pear

Designing blues - I had a great idea! Wouldn't velvet pears with embroidery be just gorgeous - so I set to and drew up a pattern. I didn't really visualise the size it would be and it turned out to be jumbo sized! Back to the drawing board.
The second attempt was just right and I was really excited. I was so please with the results I decided to take my pieces to Brisbane with me on the train to show my daughters.
Settling into my seat, with the train pulling away from the station - Oh! No! The bag with my embroidery is still on the seat at the station. What can I do? Do I go back? This pear is jinxed.
At the next station I jumped out and knocked on the train driver's door and asked if they could find my parcel.
Two stops later the driver came through to tell me they had found my work. What service - I almost cried!
The pear will be ready as a kit in a few days so all is well.

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