Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ribbons with sparkle

There is something gentle and refined about soft pastel colours that gives you a sense of well being. This is how these little picot edged ribbons made me feel. They are a pretty coloured thread woven over a gold or silver metallic thread which softens the colour to a creamy antique tone. The little gold or silver picots along the edge makes them a sparkle. Imagine them nestling into your ribbon work and crazy patchwork.

I made the little samples for my website to demonstrate how pretty the ribbons were. They sat on the counter for sometime needing to be displayed. Inspiration struck and I added some stitched words below the posy and made them into a string of hearts using Hanah silk ribbon for the larger flower and the metallic ribbon for the little gathered flowers and leaves.
I will hang them from my favourite cupboard door.

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